Be a Handler​


Join our kennel as a handler. Learn to feed, harness, bootie, hook the dogs to a cart or 4 wheeler, and take the team on a training run.




*Ask about our discount for groups of 5 or more.

- Dogsled or Dog Powered ATV -

Short Ride - $80.00 per person...


Breezewood, PA​


Dogsledding in Pennsylvania

Wilderness Adventures Kennel, LLC

Dog Sled Tours


Learn to Race​


Experience the thrill of racing one of our teams in a real dog sled race. Learn the commands to communicate with a team and bring them across...


We will be at Brush Creek Evergreens Christmas Tree Farm next Sunday December, 6th. Stop by and go for a ride with the dogs. $10 for adults, $5 for kids. Remember, when you buy something from Wilderness Adventures Kennel, you're helping the dogs have food for the winter, straw for their boxes, and booties for their paws.

Open Year Round for kennel tours and presentation...

Winter: Dog Sled Rides or Dog Powered ATV Rides

Spring and Fall: Dog Cart or Dog Powered ATV Rides

Our goal is to introduce you to the husky dog. Whether pulling a bike, cart, 4-wheeler, or dogsled, these animals will amaze you. Meet the dogs. Learn to harness and bootie a dog, and then hang on for a ride!

Stay at Creek Side Resort and visit us at Wilderness Adventures Kennel


Call us and we'll bring the dogs down for a dog powered cart or sled ride!!!

Breezewood, PA

Dogsledding in Pennsylvania 

Wilderness Adventures Kennel, LLC

Christmas Special

Dogsledding in Pennsylvania

Wilderness Adventures Kennel, LLC

Dog Sled Tours​

Breezewood, Pennsylvania​

A Little Piece of Alaska in Pennsylvania!

Family Tours

Group Presentations​

School Programs​