Be a Handler​


Join our kennel as a handler. Learn to feed, harness, bootie, hook the dogs to a cart or 4 wheeler, and take the team on a training run.




*Ask about our discount for groups of 5 or more.

- Dogsled or Dog Powered ATV -

 $80.00 per person...


Breezewood, PA​


Dogsledding in Pennsylvania

Wilderness Adventures Kennel, LLC

Dog Sled Tours


Learn to Race​


Experience the thrill of racing one of our teams in a real dog sled race. Learn the commands to communicate with a team and bring them across...


Open Year Round for kennel tours and presentation...

Winter: Dog Sled Rides or Dog Powered ATV Rides

Spring and Fall: Dog Cart or Dog Powered ATV Rides

(Temperature, weather, and trail conditions dependent)

Our goal is to introduce you to the husky dog. Whether pulling a bike, cart, 4-wheeler, or dogsled, these animals will amaze you. Meet the dogs. Learn to harness and bootie a dog, and then hang on for a ride!

Stay at Creek Side Resort and visit us at Wilderness Adventures Kennel


Call us and we'll bring the dogs down for a dog powered cart or sled ride!!!

Breezewood, PA

Dogsledding in Pennsylvania 

Wilderness Adventures Kennel, LLC

Dogsledding in Pennsylvania

Wilderness Adventures Kennel, LLC

Dog Sled Tours​

Breezewood, Pennsylvania​

A Little Piece of Alaska in Pennsylvania!

Family Tours

Group Presentations​

School Programs​